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Here is a (yet very imcomplete) list of notable guitarra baiana builders.


  • Adolfo Antonio Dodô Nascimento - the one who started it all in 1942.
  • Luizinho Dinamite
  • Vitório Quintanilha - from Del Vecchio manufacturors
  • Jader - from Feira de Santana, Bahia

Active Guitarra Baiana Builders:

  • Jorge Augusto -Jorge Augusto aka Jorge Itacaranha, from Salvador, Bahia.
  • Jean Paul Charles - French mandolin builder living in Salvador, Bahia since 1995.
  • M. Laghus - Team of luthiers based in Lauro de Freitas, near Salvador, Bahia
  • Elifas Santana - Acaraju (Sergipe) based maker of high end guitarra-baianas




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