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The word "Axé" originally was a religious greeting used in Afrobrazilian religious cults such as Candomblé, meaning ‘positive energy’. "Axé-Music" is a musical genre which originated in Bahian Carnival in the late 70s/early 80s as a blend between the the Candomblé influenced percussion rythms popularized by the black Bahian carnival associations of the 1970s and electrified Pernambucan Frevo style of the Trio Elétricos. The guitarra baiana played an important role in early Axé Music, until Luiz Caldas substituted its parts with electronic keyboards. Towards the 1990s, Axé-Music began to freely incorporate other national and international genres such as Forró, Maracatu, Reggae or Calypso and can now be summarized as a commercially ambitious tpye of World Music with a markedly Brazilian flavor and strong ties to international Pop.