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Bloco Camaleão (the chameleon) is the name of a carnival association in Salvador, Bahia, founded in 1978. Legend has it that the name originated as a tribute to the many chameleons that were found in Praça da Piedade square, Salvador, at the time. Camaleão, a white upper middle class carnival association par excellence, played an important role in the professionalization and commercialization of Bahian Carnival, by funneling less defined traditonal elements into commercial molds. By the early 1980s, Camaleão had the reputation of being the best organized bloco in Bahian carnival. While not being the first Bahian bloco to own and run their own Trio Elétrico, they were probably the first to turn this practice into a concept, which  now became generalized: the Bloco de Trio. Many big names of Bahian music played with Camaleão, such as Carlinhos Brown and Luiz Caldas. After 1990, Camaleão merged into a partnership with the band Chiclete Com Banana that is still going strong today.