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The Chapman Stick (center), often simply referred to as The Stick, was designed by Emmet Chapman in the early 1970s, in order to enable guitar players to produce their notes by tapping the strings (rather than by plucking them) with both hands. Numerous variations exist, differing in scale, tuning, and number of strings (between 8 and 12). The standard tuning consists in two sets of strings -a set of bass strings tuned in 5ths and a melody set tuned in 4ths- which both have their lowest string located in the middle of the fretboard.
The graphic to the right compares the pau elétrico of Dodô e Osmar (left), the Chapman Stick (centrer), and an electric bass designed by
Ned Steinberger (right). Note the similarities between pau elétrico and Stick in regard to the positioning of the pickup and the headless design of the pau eletrico and the Steinberger bass.