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The term corso refers to the parades of private automobiles that were popular during carnival festivities in Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and elsewhere in Brazil, principally between the 1920s and the 1950s. They emerged an attempt to copy the ‘flower battles’ of European carnival at the turn of the century. Car corsos in Brazil served as an opportunity for the upper classes to show themselves and their imported vehicles in public. To the degree that private became more common and sof an exceptional status symbol, corsos increasingly lost their prestige and have now vanished. In their heydays, however, they represented an important element in urban Brazilian carnival. The advent of more closed automobile designs supposedly also contributed to their dissapearance. The famous "Fobica", an open Ford'29 taken to the streets of Salvador by Dodô Nascimento and Osmar Macêdo in the early 1950s was in essence a reminiscence and a caricature of the great car corsos of the 1920s.