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Fobica (sometimes also 'fubica') is a NE-Brazilian slang term meaning old car or 'road hog' and the nickname of the vehicle used in the first Trio Elétrico performance in Bahian carnival in the early 1950s.

The Fobica was an open Ford '29 (thus already an oldtimer when it came to fame in the 50s) used by Osmar Macêdo to run errons for his workshop in Calçada district, Salvador, not far from the Fratelli Vita factory who later became the sponsor of other Trio Eletricos. Painted and equipped with speakers  it was used during the legedendary prank staged by Dodô and Osmar amidst the offical parade that sparked all later Trios.

Although has only been used this one time and was replaced by more powerful vehicles in later performances, the Fobica became the symbol of the birth of Bahia's Trio Elétrico tradition and an icon of the Carnaval da Bahia. In 1975, it was restaurated and placed upon a larger truck to participate in the parade, and in 2000 an oversized replica named Fobicão (left) was built by the Macèdo family to parade in its honor.

In 2008, the original Fobica continued particpating in Bahian carnival by making cameo appearances in Salvador during mounted upon a firetruck (Fobicãozinho, left).  During off season, the original Fobica is on display at the Casa do Som Museum, Abaeté Park, Itapoan district, Salvador. For some reason, it is forbidden to take pictures of the vehicle, so have a plan when you go there.