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Manodcaster is a type of electric mandolin, equipped a solid body and with four single strings (GDAE) produced by Fender from 1956 (right). The Telecaster/Stratocaster oriented design and the single give it the aspect and sound of a miniature gutar, giving guitar players access to the higher notes of the madonlin register, and mandolinists to guitarish sonorities and sustain.

As such, the Manodcaster and the Pau Elétrico have a lot in common. When the Pau Elétrico adopted a guitar oriented shape in the 1950s (model from the 1950s, left), the two instruments turned almost identical (with the scale of the pau eletrico being even shorter).

The fact that the Mandocaster is -in spite of all its hybdrid attributes- commonly regarded as a member of the mandolin family makes a case for the pau elétrico -solid body eletrific hybrid between cavaquinho and mandolin with 4 single strings tuned GDAE, from the early 1940s- as the first solid body electric mandolin.